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RISE Physio and Wellness COVID-19 Safety Policies and Procedures

RISE Physio and Wellness is operating under the new policies and procedures associated with COVID-19 as outlined by the Ministry of Health as well as our respective Regulatory Bodies.  We have been working diligently to ensure that our clients are protected and treated with the highest level of care.  Your health is of the utmost importance to us.

We invite you to review the policies and procedures that we have implemented in the clinic below, and reach out to us with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Screening Questionnaire

The day before your appointment, you will be e-mailed a COVID-19 symptom screening questionnaire, this MUST be completed prior to your appointment.  Clients that do not complete the online questionnaire, or that answer any questions indicating the possibility of infection will be contacted by a member of thee RISE team on the morning of their appointment.  Screening will then be completed by phone to determine if the client is a candidate for an in-person session.


All clients who enter the clinic are required to be wearing a mask.  We ask that you bring your own mask to your appointment (cloth, surgical, N95).  When you enter the clinic, please ensure that your mask is on.  Please note that if you do not come prepared with a mask for your session, they will be available for a small fee.

What will my appointment experience be like at this time?


Arriving at the Clinic

Please arrive no sooner than 5 minutes prior to you session.  When you arrive at the clinic, please wait in your vehicle OR outside the clinic until the time of your appointment (clinic door will be locked).  Your therapist will indicate that they are ready by opening the front door for you.

In the event of inclement weather, please feel free to wait in your car; your therapist will call you when they are ready for you to enter the clinic.

Personal Items

We encourage you to leave unnecessary personal items in your vehicle.  Any personal items brought in to the clinic will be kept in your cleaned room.

We invite all clients to bring a clean set of clothes to change in to at the end of their session if you are concerned about transference to your home.

Guests At Your Appointment

We strongly encourage that you come alone for your appointment.  In the case that you require a guardian, support person, or have dependants they will be asked to stay with you in the treatment room throughout the duration of your appointment.

Hand Washing Upon Entry

Upon entering the clinic you must stop at the hand sanitizing station by the front door.  You will be required to remove gloves if wearing them, and wash your hands prior to your appointment.


We encourage all clients to use the washroom prior to coming to your appointment,  However, if needed, the washroom is available for your use.  Please note that we ask the light remain on when leaving the bathroom.

When toileting is finished, wash your hands at the sink, dry with paper towel, turn off the tap using the paper towel, and open the door using the paper towel.  Once the door is open, please discard the paper towel in the garbage.

After Your Session

We continue to offer contactless options for billing and payments.  This includes credit card, debit, electronic money transfer, and extended healthcare benefits.  We ask that you choose a contactless payment option over cash at this time.  


Clients will be provided with an emailed receipt for their payment.  Paper copies will only be provided upon request.  

Your therapist will help you with re-booking options as needed.  You are also welcome to book another session online.


When ready to leave, please proceed to the exit with your therapist and sanitize your hands.  Your therapist will open the door to allow you to exit the clinic without contact.


Our sanitization methods have been increased and each room and any equipment used will be thoroughly sanitized after each session.  We are sanitizing frequently touched areas (door handles, chairs, equipment) after each use.


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