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What is a Virtual Physiotherapy Appointment?

Virtual Physiotherapy is the remote delivery of physiotherapy services to patients via video calls. It may be appropriate for both new and existing patients who are in need of physiotherapy services but are unable to travel to the clinic, for example during the COVID-19 pandemic when there is a strong need for physical distancing.

What can we do during my Virtual Appointment?

We can:

  • provide a physiotherapy consultation and reassurance

  • progress your current treatment plan

  • observe, prescribe and modify exercises

  • answer any questions you may have

  • provide an ergonomic assessment

  • provide patient education and information to help you treat yourself at home

We cannot:

  • provide manual therapy

  • perform dry needling/acupuncture


What do you need from me before starting my virtual session?

  1. An emergency contact should something happen to you during your session, as well as local emergency services numbers if they are different than 911

  2. A safe and clear space (6’x6’ area) around you to move and exercise

  3. An alternative way to communicate in case there is a disconnection (ie. phone)


Is Virtual Physiotherapy covered under my extended healthcare benefits?

Insurance policies are evolving constantly in response to the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic. It looks like many of the major insurance providers are now covering telehealth for physiotherapy or virtual physiotherapy appointments. However, please check directly with your insurance company to see if your plan covers telehealth or virtual care for physiotherapy services.


What information is provided on my virtual appointment receipt?

Your online appointment receipt will include all the same information as an in-clinic receipt: name, date of birth, address, date of appointment, duration of appointment, treating physiotherapist, and his/her college registration number. In addition, the receipt will indicate that a virtual appointment has taken place.


How do I schedule and pay for a Virtual Physiotherapy session?

Booking a virtual appointment is the same as it has always been - you can book online, or contact me by phone or email to book. Payment is done via Direct Insurance Billing (if already set up) OR Jane Payments, a secure and encrypted payment processing platform. All appointments are reserved once a credit card is stored in your patient profile. Once your session is complete, your insurance company will be billed and/or your credit card will be charged and a receipt emailed to you. Please note that I maintain a 24 hour cancellation policy.


What if I am having trouble connecting with my Physiotherapist at the time of my appointment?

You should receive an email link to join your virtual physiotherapy session shortly before the appointment time. If you have having trouble connecting with your physiotherapist, please stay online and check your inbox (and sometimes junkman) and phone for incoming further instructions. I will be in touch to help you get connected.


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